Spirulina against Acne

The wonderful beauty of teenagers is often spoilt by acne in the years when children become adults. Hormonal changes, and also unbalanced nutrition are the main causes of acne. Teenagers select food by how it looks, “do my friends eat it” or “what will others think” if I eat that, and of course “does it taste good”. They do not like to hear that some foods or sweets are only good for feeding the acne so that it develops better, but not to feed the healthy body to prevent acne. Many teenagers, especially the females, buy expensive creams to treat the problems from outside or to cover up with make-up. It only makes the problem worse and disappointment and scars are the result. On top of this some of the external treatments have negative side effects in the long term.
The fast growing teenage body with stress and emotional problems coming from family, friends and school needs a high-grade food. Most teenagers don't want to know that acne comes from inside. Acne can be avoided in teenagers if food rich in the Vitamin E group as well as Vitamin A and chlorophyll is incorporated in the diet. Spirulina is the richest food in the above combinations. Other foods beneficial in the fight against acne are fresh fruit, with the one exception of oranges. Vegetables like beans and sprouts as well as rice (but please unpolished) should be an important part of the diet.

Acne sufferers should avoid many of the foods teenagers love so much because of strong advertising eg. cola drinks, all the chocolate-containing sweets that come in bars with bubbles, cherries and in all other forms and sizes as well as too much oil, especially if the oil originates from animals. Protein originating from animals including processed milk should be avoided as well.
More relaxation and less chemicals helps give temporary relief from pimples as well.
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  1. Spirulina is known as a super food that can help improve the quality of your skin. It help your body fight off free radicals and eliminate toxins, including bacteria on the skin, which can lead to the formation of acne. Thanks a lot.