Chlorophyll - The Green Gold

Spirulina is very high in chlorophyll. It has an average of three times the amount of the green gold of  other highly developed green plants. The dark green colour of Spirulina comes  from the  large  amount  of  plant  blood  or  in  other  words,  chlorophyll,  which is only  one  molecule different  from  haemoglobin  in   human  blood  and  with  it,  a  very important  substance  in  a healthy  diet.  Chlorophyll  in  plants  is  collected  sunlight.  This “light-energy”, as Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Germany, calls it, is an important key factor in the human metabolism and cell communication.

Already   in   1915   Prof.   Richard   Willst├Ątter   was   honoured   for   his  research   about chlorophyll with the Nobel Prize. He proved, that chlorophyll is able to produce living substances from dead matter with the help of the stored, converted sunlight.

Dr. Ingfried Hobert, Germany, Chairman of the International  Federation to Research and Develop  Traditional  Healing  Methods  and  author of  the  book  “Das  Algen Gesundheits  Buch (The  Algae  Health Book),  highlights  in  his  book  the  benefits  of chlorophyll  in  maintaining  good   health.  Chlorophyll  is  mentioned  for  the  prevention and treatment of  gastric  and  duodenal  ulcers,  acne,  to  strengthens  the  heart muscles, build up immunity and energy, as a possible anti-bactericide, only to mention a few.

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